What is a mobile app?

A special type of software application that operates on a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet, is called a Mobile App. These apps give access to information, products or services online over the Internet. Some apps are free for downloading and others must be paid for.

Do I need a separate website for each mobile device?

The answer to that is no. Pulse uses a responsive web design technique that permits web content to be correctly and uniformly displayed on various devices and platforms despite different screen sizes.

Why should I create a mobile app?

Users like mobile apps as they can use them while on the go, people have busy lives and often prefer to shop, play games and consume content on their portable mobile phones and tablets. This is a large captive audience for mobile apps which can be leveraged to market a product or service.

What types of mobile apps do you create?

Pulse offers three main types of mobile application development:

  • Application development for the iPhone.
  • Application development for Android OS.
  • Application development for Windows Mobile.

Do you develop customized mobile apps and long does it take?

Yes we do, and we try to do it as soon as we can. The time requirement varies, depending on the number of functions and processes and needs that are requested. Once the request is finalized we work within the SLA (Service Level Agreement) to satisfy the client’s requests as soon as possible.

How do I inform customers about the new App?

After we finish your app, we will write a redirect script for you that you can place on your website. If someone is accessing your site from a supported mobile device, the redirect code will detect that and then will redirect them to your mobile web app.

What are QR Codes?

QR stands for Quick Response and Quick Response Codes are barcodes that help users quickly bring up information on their mobile device, merely by taking a capture of the code on their mobile phone’s camera.

How does the content on the application get updated?

When changes are made to the content by the creator, during the next logon to the application by the user, the application automatically checks for recent updates and then shows the updated version on the users’ device.

I already have a web hosting package; can I continue to use it for my mobile website?

Yes, you can continue with your own hosting package, with no problems.

What if I have a problem with my app?

If any kind of technical problem arises with your mobile app, the Pulse support team is always ready to help you. Contact them by phone or online and they’ll help attend to your problem immediately.

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