How does it work?

Whatever your business needs and your industry demands – cloud based custom software, mobile apps, ecommerce, streaming with heavy or unpredictable traffic, high volume encoding, security, compliance – we deliver on time and budget.


We design strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions such as how the cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are the best fit for the cloud, and best practices for security, scalability, infrastructure automation, and disaster recovery.


We deploy new applications and infrastructure in the cloud across on-premises and off-premises environments. The customer always owns the cloud environment, we only offer services to deploy and manage.

Infrastructure audit

Our audit team will study facts, review them against expectations, and provide the necessary inputs to align with your business requirements and industry best practices at regular intervals. This is essential to keep your cloud infrastructure healthy.

Cloud application testing

Our QA team leverages the latest tools, environment, and resources knowledge to ensure that we offer end-to-end testing service to deliver applications of superior quality. This is both manual and automated testing.

Cloud security services

Pulse Solutions offer enterprise-grade security services to safeguard your hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. We can assist in PCI compliance, GDPR compliance and general encryption technologies for sensitive data.

Literally every organization is thinking about a move to the cloud to benefit from powerful, flexible, secure, and cost-effective platforms that relieve them of internal management overheads. We have helped our clients fast-track their cloud migration, avert common errors, and meet security and compliance requirements.

As a Microsoft, Google and AWS partner with 20 years of experience, we’re the trusted partner of many organizations for their cloud deployment and migration. We aim to ensure that your move to the cloud is achieved quickly, safely, and executed with the best practices and the right skills.

Together we look at your needs as to what cloud service and capabilities you need, who will be able to share the information, how fast your different systems need to respond, and what security is required. We offer services specifically designed to optimize your IT environment and take into account your enterprise’s unique security, integrity, and governance requirements.

Why choose Pulse Solutions?

Result-driven application migration Our years of experience and automated toolsets make complex migration processes fast, secure, and easy.
Scale and flexibility We adapt to meet your unique business demands, business size, and market conditions. Your resources become liquid – paid as consumed and available as needed.

Support We offer long term support options including regular audits, advise on upgrades, cost optimization and general day to day management. We support over multiple timezones, weekends and provide on site services in the United States.
Transform and innovate

Our expertise will get you to the cloud faster. With scalable, efficient, and agile cloud capabilities in place, you can focus on maximizing business opportunities, capabilities, and innovation.

  • azure_logo_img Microsoft AzureThe Azure platform brings your infrastructure, data, applications closer to you and your customers – and ahead of the competition. As an intelligent platform, Azure can give you the freedom to create and manage applications by combining data and AI – on a trusted, global scale. Whether you’re new to Azure and need advice on making your first steps into the cloud, or already have an Azure environment that you want to optimize for peak performance, we’re here for you. As an original partner of Microsoft, our experience means we find the solution that’s right for you. Put simply, Pulse Solutions has invested in mastering Azure’s latest data center technologies, so you don’t have to.
  • amazon_web_services_logo_img AWSAWS delivers scalable, secure, and cost-effective products and services to make your journey to the cloud simple and quick. Pulse Solutions has the consulting, migration and support expertise to help clients in their journey from the premise to the AWS cloud. Based on our years of migration experience, we developed the methodology, best practices, tools, and services to help simplify and accelerate migrations.
    Our Cloud Architects will analyze your existing architecture, understand your business needs, and build a custom AWS environment that meets your security, agility, compliance, and cost-efficiency requirements. Our migration solutions address the people, process, technology, and financial considerations throughout the migration journey to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Start your cloud migration journey Migration to Azure, Google or AWS doesn’t have to be painful for your organization, we can make it seamless with the right design, training for your staff and long term support. Contact us today for cloud migration services.


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