Pulse follows a unique method of operations, putting the needs of their clients first and working closely with them to bring their own digital visions to pass in a professional manner. Pulse believes in being thorough and innovative in its approach to finding IT solutions and by following a professional step-by-step plan, ensuring that every aspect of each project is exactly what the client requests.

Requirement Analysis

Initially, a thorough analysis of the requirements of the project, along with the goals, risks and ROI parameters is executed. The specifications document is created in this stage, summarizing all the requirements in a brief and transparent form.


Pulse provides detailed training sessions to all their employed staff to ensure they are conversant with every aspect of each project. We use staff who are well experienced in rendering Business Consulting services effectively. After the project analyses is completed, we can clearly depict the needs of the process and make a workable plan to fulfill those needs.
Designing – This stage is very important for the web presentation. It includes designing the look and feel of the user interface. Here the client’s vision is made into reality through the full cooperation of the Project manager and development team, together with the client.


This is the blueprint of all major software components that will be used, illustrating how things will most probably work out in the final stage of the developed software. Each stage is carefully researched and developed by our dedicated team who create a graphic mockup of the results.

Prototype Development

Here is where the development really begins. With the storyboard as the resource, the development team creates all parts of the system as a prototype model. All pages, from the most complex to the least, are created here for the client to review before final completion of the software to see if anything looks misplaced and to see it in full perspective.

Application Development

Here the prototype is linked with a backend database through code development. This stage begins with a technical document and ends by being turned over to the quality assurance team, after all the programming and database design has been completed.

Quality Assurance

This is the final checking stage where dedicated QA engineers’ thoroughly go over all the software to discover if anything needs to be fixed or changed. They check for any difficulties with compatibility and for any problems with usability, among other things; any errors or problems are discovered here and are immediately corrected. This is the final stage before the software is delivered to the client.

Live Hosting, Handover and Training

The website goes online at this stage, on the live hosting space allotted to the client. Administrative tools’ documentation is created here, and copies of the object code for the website are sent to the client either by email or on a CD ROM.


As the web progresses, so must web systems change to continue to be current. New content has to be uploaded, applications need upgrading, E-commerce sites need newer features to keep users satisfied and happy and returning to the site. Pulse will continue to support your websites for any needed upgrades or other systems operational needs, freeing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

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