How does the Business and IT Consulting departments work together?

Consulting in the business and IT sectors focuses on the needs of clients to remove any barriers from gaining sustainable business worth for their investments based on IT processes. Simply put, Business consulting is involved with the expansion of business, development operations and increasing marketing effectiveness; while IT consulting works with the IT aspects, like software creation and servicing.

What is Contract Hiring?

When clients need expert help over a short period of time, they can use Contract Hiring through a third company option, to gain the help of a professional team of consultants who will be focused on the needs of the client and help them utilize any evolving technologies that apply to the client’s business needs.

Why should I use Contract hiring services instead of filling the position from my own employee’s?

Using the Contract Hiring option does away with keeping up with required paperwork to fulfill all the benefits a permanent employee is entitled to. The team available under the Contract Hiring sector are fully trained and possesses the required expertise to effectively execute whatever processes are required.

What services does Business Consulting offer to your business?

Under Business Consulting, Pulse provides the following services:

  • Web creation services
  • Client-customized web solutions
  • Administrates large ERP systems
  • Administrates CRM systems
  • Offers efficient cloud services
  • Creates client-specified Mobile Apps

Under what circumstances would Contract Hiring be beneficial?

It is up to the client to decide when to use the Contract Hiring option as a viable alternative. If the client’s program is demanding and requires more than 160 man hours per month, than hiring additional help from Contract Hiring would be a wise solution and a time saver.

What are the employee’s work experiences?

All our employees in the Contract Hiring Service are well trained in at least two programming languages and have a minimum amount of work experience for over a period of three years designing web-based solutions of various complexities in nature.

How will you keep me abreast of the progress?

We understand the importance of updating you regularly with the progress of your work project. For each project a dedicated project manager will be your liaison to work with you to oversee the successful completion of your project.

What benefits does Business Consulting provide for your business?

Listed below are some key results from our Business Consulting Service:

  • Total Operational costs reduced.
  • Turnaround time is increased.
  • Enhanced Process and Data Quality.
  • Opportunity Costs are fully recovered.
  • Better efficiency and increased process optimization.
  • Higher Man Hour rates reached.
  • Extended understanding of the project is fully achieved.

How long can this service be in use for?

You may use this service for as long as you wish, as there are no set time limitations.

Who is the owner of the project?

When the contracted services have expired, clients become sole owners of the project. As part of the completion of hired services, a CD ROM or email will be given to the client, which will contain all administrative rights, source codes and design files.

What Payment Options do you have with Business Consulting?

Our acceptable payment methods are by:

  • Company Cheque.
  • Direct Bank Account Transfer.

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