Google analytics is THE most powerful website statistics tool available on the web, the best part is the software is completely free to use for everybody.

Analytics not only lets you see a report of how many users visited your website it can provide rich information about visitors demographics, location, sources of the visit, keywords, campaigns, referrals and over 100 other parameters that help you understand your traffic better.

Google analytics is a very powerful tool for conversion tracking, this is tracking where your leads are coming from, the goal is to understand what kind of users get converted to leads and try to focus energies to get more from the same sources.

Google Analytics can really help you increase your revenues fast. Simply by investing more on areas working for you and cutting out the flab that does not generate business.

Google analytics integration involves the following steps:

  1. Inserting of the google tracking code on all the website pages
  2. Creation of conversion goals to track leads, sales, etc
  3. Creating of funnels to see the path a user takes through your site.
  4. Linking website search to Google analytics so you can see what your users are looking for when they come to your website
  5. Integrating of ecommerce modules in analytics to enable google to collect details on sales including product names, categories, prices and discounts. Google analytics integrated with your ecommerce website can show you profitability information at a click of a button.
  6. Creating automated emailed reports so you get the information you need on a daily basis in your inbox.
  7. Setting up filters to remove unneeded data.

Google analytics can make taking decisions about marketing and investment into marketing sources easier, the performance tracking capabilities give you:

  1. In-depth information about best selling products, what products are selling most?
  2. Searched keywords and related sales, What searches lead to a sale, what searches lead to an exit, this can help you tweak your product description to match the words being searched on, this is also important to see if your marketing sources are sending you users who are not looking for your products at all.
  3. Products sold per marketing source, Products that sell best to certain marketing sources need to be geared better to make more sales.
  4. Revenue generated per source, what marketing source is working best for you, where to put your marketing dollars for maximum benefit?
  5. Revenue generated per product, what product is selling well and what marketing source is generating that products sale?
  6. Revenue generated per product category, what product line makes the most money for you ?
  7. Funnels show you where your users left of in the sale process, ever wondered how come you receive so many abandoned sales?

Contact Us today for Google analytics integration / consultancy and know more about your online business. Knowledge is power and analytics is truly a conduit between you and a more efficiently run ebusiness.

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