Easy logger Pro, phone tracker, call logger, texts logger and more

Easy logger Pro, phone tracker, call logger, texts logger

The Easy Logger Pro is an upgrade over the hugely successful Easy Logger free. This Cell phone tracker and monitor app has been used on over 100,000 devices and enjoys a 4 star rating on Google play store.

Phones have become ubiquitous, everyone carries one everywhere which makes it an ideal platform to build an application that can monitor activities.

The Easy Logger Pro is designed to be an application that acts as a comprehensive phone tracker by reporting on real time location, phone calls, text messages and app usage, all the collected data is compiled into a neat reporting application that’s available over the cloud. This puts an end to missed text messages, lost call data and becomes a phenomenal tool for monitoring a person’s well being via their cell phone.

The need for phone tracking is something everybody encounters sometime in their lives, we have 1000s of customers using the Easy logger for a number of reasons that can be grouped into the following:- Children’s phone tracker: The world is full of options, often for a child the differences between the good and the bad blur and the best way to see if something is amiss is via phone tracking. Many parents have successfully used the Easy Logger to find activities that they do not approve on their children’s phones. Monitor for threats to your children such as bullying, substance abuse, sexting before they become serious problems. Partner phone tracker: Every relationship goes through phases of uncertainty and it always helps to be sure about your spouse’s life choices. Phone logs is the ultimate way to see where your spouse is at all times and what calls, texts are being made. Relationships often break down due to unnecessary suspicious, the Easy logger has helped many suspicious spouses allay their fears. Employee phone tracker: Phone abuse is an important concern for an employer who pays for employee phone expenses, smart phones can be used as media players, gaming systems even for gambling all on company time. Use the Easy Logger to see how is your phone being used and protect yourself from high phone bills.

For just 12 cents a day you get the following:

  • Live phone location tracking to see where the device is at any given point of time.
  • Live tracking of phone calls received and made with the location where they were made or received from.
  • Live tracking of text messages received and sent with the location where they were received and sent from
  • Reports on application usage within the phone.
  • Completely hidden operation, the app does not show in the app list.

Learn more about the Easy logger at http://logger.mobi The Easy logger free remains a very popular Free SMS tracker!

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