The Beginning:

The idea of the Leafpon app was conceptualized by Nick Cao. Nick wanted an app which provides a centralized platform to interact, communicate, and receive information about the Cannabis industry while using a secure chatting network. The client wanted to revolutionize the cannabis industry by bringing all the concerned parties (consumer, producer, dispensary) together in one credible place.


When the Leafpon team approached Pulse Solutions for, the concept was still just an idea. Over the course of several weeks, our mobile app development team helped them establish a clear direction before moving forward with the design, development, and launch of their mobile app.

During our designing process, we quickly recognized a challenge – that we needed to ensure that users of all ages would appreciate the UX and the look and feel would resonate with a diverse audience.

Additionally, the app should also serve as a comprehensive cannabis database, complete with user reviews, and the ability to select the products for their unique preferences.

With the legalization of cannabis, the cannabis space has experienced exponential growth in the frequency of cannabis events. It was imperative to keep the app up to date with the latest news and events to make it popular among its users.

Also, we needed to ensure that we offer a savvy medium for users to chat and converse with other members in real-time – core functionality that was missing in other cannabis apps.


Considering the scope of the project, leading methodologies and tools were used to manage and execute the project. Here are some of the features that we added to the app:

Strain Listing: A user can search strains by name (SATIVA, INDICA, HYBRID, CBD), top rated, newest, THC/CBD Level, and more.

Product Nearby: Users can quickly search for products from nearby dispensaries in real time. Users can also view information about attributes, photos, reviews for products available.

Featured Products: Admin can now easily add products to the Featured Products page.

Dispensary Nearby: Users can also search for nearby dispensaries from their current location. It will also display vital information such as Working Hours, Description, Contact details, Products, Reviews, Coupons, and Events. Users can also request their favorite products

Conversation: The app enables consumers to connect with like-minded users throughout the U.S. Users can create circles to add other consumers to discuss relevant news, events, their favorite products in the cannabis industry- or any topic under the sun.

Notification: The app also sends push notifications regarding coupons, dispensary events, products available at nearby dispensaries and exclusive deals.

Friendly UX Design: Our team designed the app aimed to create an experience that users will find pleasurable – while engaging the diverse user-base.

My Coupons: Customers can save all the coupons received from dispensaries and use them to get a discount on their next purchase.

My Favorite (Products/Dispensary): Users can add all their favorite products and dispensaries in their account to make the next purchase easier and quicker.


The most significant benefit of the Leafpon app is that it helped to unify the Cannabis community. The client witnessed a staggering number of downloads in the first quarter itself – both on Android and Apple. Now, thousands of people use Leafpon to explore marijuana strains and discuss the products with fellow cannabis community members.

The app is raved by customers who now find it easier to search and buy their favorite cannabis products. Also, in addition to a broad base of users, the client has also witnessed an increase in the number of dispensaries and producers that are listed on the app, resulting in improved profits and credibility.

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