About the client:

Doobert helps to bring animal shelters and rescue organizations together on a common platform to simplify the animal rescue process, allowing rescues to focus time and resources on saving more animals. The website empowers volunteers to collaborate, share information, and work towards providing more ways to help transport animals to their destination.


Doobert wanted to extend the reach of their website and bring technology to assist passionate animal rescue volunteers in helping save lost pets. Doobert, a reputed charity organization, wished to build a technically-sound and fully functional online platform to connect animal shelters with the rescue volunteers to make transportation of animals quicker. It was becoming a challenge for volunteers to look for a particular user, medium of transport, and shelter. Doobert wanted a nifty way to help its users plan and find efficient transport routes to save lost animals and make them reach a safe place.


Keeping in mind the requirements of Doobert, Pulse deployed its mobile app development experts to design, develop, and launch the app on Android and iPhone. Pulse design brains came up with UI and UX designs that interpreted the organization requirements to help and arrange the rescue and transport of an animal with a few clicks and swipes.

Here are some of the features we added to the app:

Simple sign-in: Users can log in to the app using their Facebook or Google accounts, helping to avoid the hassles of a lengthy sign-up process.

New Transports: Users can create new trips that include crucial details such as the starting and endpoint of the transport route, date, and type of transport. This helps to bridge the gap between rescue shelters and volunteers as volunteers can quickly choose the transport route and medium that is viable for them.

Live location: App enables users to see the nearby active ride and transports to assist them in searching for the best option. Volunteers can search for the ‘Nearby Transports’ and directly sign up for the upcoming trips.

Lost and found pets: Volunteers can easily search for any lost or found pets via the app. Users can report a sighting of a found pet to help them get back home.

Live status: Users can quickly know the status of the ongoing rides to stay informed at all times. (Active, Completed, and Cancelled)

Live chat: Users can stay connected with other animal lovers by chatting with them over the app itself. With Facebook Messenger, users can chat/interact with fellow volunteers to share vital information about lost/found animals, new routes, and more.

Upload videos: Users can record and upload videos of rescued pets; which in turn, will help other users to feel motivated and do their bit to save lost animals. Users can also use Facebook Live Streaming services to share their rescue stories with the community.

Connect to animal organizations: Users can use the interactive map or search bar to find a Doobert Approved Partner organization and connect to multiple organizations.


We created an app with a difference that lets users channel their passion for saving animals and choose how to get involved. One of the initial challenges was designing a user-friendly interface, where users can avail quick and accessible information about what they are looking for.

We carved a perfect, interactive interface that complements the deployed features to enhance UX. The revolutionary app for saving animals now makes animal rescue easy and systematic. The newly redesigned Doobert mobile app is integrated with the leading lost pet sites in the U.S., including and – resulting in increased user base.

The additional capabilities rendered through the app were well received by the vast spread global user base, making it a better choice to stay connected with the volunteers and rescue shelters.

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Doobert User App – Mobile App Development

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