John Doe

Richard Allen

Business Development Director (USA – West Coast)

In January 1966 Richard he joined the Army and soon entered into the Special Forces training program from which he graduated in August 1967. In 1968 he served in Vietnam and served on two A-teams (A-101 & A-107), and with a Mobile Strike Force team.
(See He was awarded the Silver Star with a V for valor.

Richard spent a number of years in banking at First Interstate Bank and Bank of America as an IT project manager. He moved on to become a finance officer and investment administrator for large institutional trust clients. His IT project responsibilities involved development of business systems requirements, and RFP’s, through vendor selection. His finance projects led to a reduction of B of A’s non-earning assets by $2.0 billion, which improved its earnings’ ratios and helped to meet the Federal Reserve’s change in its equity to asset requirement. He was responsible for overall administration of client investment portfolios including, research analysis, posting transactions, reporting and client relationships.

Richard’s accounting, operations and consulting experience, coupled with his education has led to hands on knowledge of numerous accounting and information software packages, development of Y2K POS solutions, and development of ecommerce sites.

His clients cover a wide variety of industries, including; service, restaurants, light manufacturing, entertainment, design firms, construction, healthcare, mortgage companies, e-commerce and fulfillment industries. Clients have ranged in size from $1MM to $20BB.

His educational background includes not only a BS in accounting, and an MBA, but continued education classes at UCLA, and his attendance at a Japanese management development school. His experience in Japan has aided in fine-tuning his team management and leadership skills.