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With the usual rush before birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas celebrations it can be hard to find the time to go shopping for the perfect gift. Mint Scout is a unique online gift wrapping and greeting card service in the USA that will help you “scout” for the perfect gift in advance. This unique company also promises a prompt, packed delivery to your door with no need to plan for a trip to the shopping mall!

Mint Scout’s gift selection specializes in trendy North American style artisan gifts, jewelery, and accessories manufactured in the USA and Canada. All you have to do is visit, the mall that is just a click away, to shop for these high-end original accessories. Mint Scout guarantees that each gift maintains the highest quality standards even after transportation.


Mint Scout required a website that could communicate to their customers the company’s purpose—to be of service through enhancing the quality of gift giving. Mint Scout was in need of a website to present their selection of gift giving items in an attractive and comprehensive manner. The portal had to be an attractive, yet well-rounded, shopping window where customers could view the items, prices, shipping procedures, timing, and payment system.


Our endeavor to build such a website was accomplished through designing an E-commerce website using PHP, WordPress, and MySQL. The website was a success! Through the creation of this website, Mint Scout customers are able to get acquainted with the uniqueness, quality, and polices of the company. Out website also allows the users to view and purchase Mint Scout products, maintain a history order, track their orders, and receive excellent service!

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