Pin Stadium – The Collector’s Choice in Premium Pinball Lighting

About the client
Pin Stadium Light offers revolutionary Pinball LED Lighting and Pinball LED Bulbs that brightens the entire playfield and adds dramatic lighting effects to your pinball machine. The lights are developed with the latest technology to help you play even in complete darkness without the requirement of overhead lighting.

When the client contacted us, the client had two separate websites – one for customer-facing and one for an e-commerce store. This proved to be extremely challenging for customers to choose the correct lights for their paintball machines. Also, the website features and design were slightly outdated, constraining future growth and intuitive user experience. The website needed to be not only visually appealing and easy-to-use but also have the ability to handle the increased volume and scale for future growth.

Pulse’s professional web designers quickly identified key areas where a new website could add value and went to work to develop the ultimate e-commerce shopping experience for Pin Stadium users.

Pulse redesigned the website to align with Pin Stadium’s brand and vision, with custom features that streamlined the buying process. From responsive design to building an e-commerce system, our e-commerce solution greatly enhanced Pin Stadium website.

We revamped the product page, adding interactive features, call-outs of key selling points, and “Gallery” feature to showcase the latest products. While the old website was not very engaging and did not present their products in a modern way, the new design is vibrant and colorful aligning with the unique products of Pin Stadium.

To remain competitive in the mobile search results and create an optimal user experience, the new website is 100% mobile-friendly.

The new website boasts a seamless shopping experience that reflects their brand and vision. It has helped the client boost their online presence, increase leads, and offered an easy way to manage their inventory while boosting sales.

At Pulse, we offer professional web design service that captures your brand and captivates your target audience? We aim to help you achieve your online goals through web design – contact us today!

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