Top seven mistakes of unsuccessful websites

Your website is a vital tool in your branding and marketing efforts, and plays a pivotal role to gain an edge in of one of the biggest marketplace right now: the Internet. However, many websites fail to boost their online visibility and fizzle out without garnering any attention. The internet today is populated with millions of websites that are unable to motivate visitors to avail their offerings and expand their horizon. Below are some of the reasons why websites fail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can help your website reach its goal. 1) Making your website look like your
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Easy logger Pro, phone tracker, call logger, texts logger and more

The Easy Logger Pro is an upgrade over the hugely successful Easy Logger free. This Cell phone tracker and monitor app has been used on over 100,000 devices and enjoys a 4 star rating on Google play store. Phones have become ubiquitous, everyone carries one everywhere which makes it an ideal platform to build an application that can monitor activities. The Easy Logger Pro is designed to be an application that acts as a comprehensive phone tracker by reporting on real time location, phone calls, text messages and app usage, all the collected data is compiled into a neat reporting
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Defensive driving course to save on traffic tickets –

Indiana Driver Improvement is an online defensive driving program that holds high standards for their online driving course and have great dedication towards all drivers on the road. They are a creation and branch of The On-Line Traffic School Inc., which was the first online traffic program in the United States of America back in 1996. Even though they branched out into the online world and set a new wave of innovative thinking in the ‘90’s, they have been a part of the traffic safety business since 1987. Need: Indiana Driver Improvement site was hard to manage and needed a
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Pulse partners with PayPal to deliver seamless payment processing

Speed Up Collections with PayPal Pulse utilizes a flexible, PCI-compliant payment platform so that registrants can pay securely using credit cards or PayPal. The solution helps event organizers streamline the process of collecting payments. We offer several options depending on your specific needs. Pulse integrates with all-in-one payment solutions, gateway solutions and alternative payment methods. All-in-One Payment Solutions   Everything You need Choose from a variety of bundled payment solutions to accept credit cards and other methods of payment on your website. Click here to sign up > PayPal Payments Secure payments by PayPal is an online checkout solution that
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Pulse builds gateway for World Bank CTs development programs

In countries across Africa, Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America an increasing number of institutes and organisations are turning to cash transfer programs, or CTs, to help decrease poverty, encourage human capital accumulation, and protect households from disasters and other risks. Cash transfer programs reach across a wide range of levels to target the specific needs of each area, providing the necessary benefits to cover enough of the needs for each group it is designed for. Throughout the developing world CTs are now enjoying remarkable success, especially in supporting early childhood development goals. The concepts presented on Cash Dividends expounds
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Notice & Comment empowers citizens and organizations with the help of Pulse’s expertise

Notice & Comment had a vision to enhance American governance by creating a platform for the interaction of the general public with all levels of government and legislature. In January 2013 this dream came true! Now citizens can become effective advocates for themselves and their communities by generating discussions on notices found on Too often the local tax payers money is wasted on the ineffective posting of federal public notices in local newspaper’s that no longer have the kind of readership of days gone by. This is not only an economic burden, but it hinders the civic rights of
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Pulse builds a new charity website for Seeds for Africa

Seeds for Africa helps African families and communities by the provision of seeds, agricultural equipment and relevant technical advice, giving individuals and communities a future, not just a temporary answer. Pulse Solutions was contracted to build a professional charity website for Seeds for Africa. Pulse designers studied their vision and plans to build an aesthetically pleasing design that matched perfectly with how the organization wants to portray itself to the outside world. The design process culminated in a Drupal based website that looked great and included a powerful backend CMS so that Seeds for Africa supporters to update the site
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Estes Park Church of Christ

Estes Park Church is a beautiful chapel in the world famous Estes Park, Colorado. The Church needed a website to coordinate activities and keep members posted on events and local happenings. Pulse Solutions designed an interface that’s both intuitive and powerful for the church to use and scale as the activities grow. The CMS we used is Drupal 6.0. Drupal is an excellent system that offers versatility with excellent scalability. Visit to learn more.

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