LoadWatcher – A smart solution for brokered load tracking

About Client: Tyler Kovall has more than 18 years of experience in the Transportation & Logistics industry, providing a range of solutions to all aspects of the industry. Need: After working for 18 years in the Logistics industry, Tyler wanted to bring a change in handling the intricate and complicated procedures of Tracking & Tracing aspect of the business. The idea was to not only make operations seamless, but also help other players in the industry. The software must cut their tracking & tracing department’s time and provide the ability to monitor the movement of a shipment throughout the entire
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Top seven mistakes of unsuccessful websites

Your website is a vital tool in your branding and marketing efforts, and plays a pivotal role to gain an edge in of one of the biggest marketplace right now: the Internet. However, many websites fail to boost their online visibility and fizzle out without garnering any attention. The internet today is populated with millions of websites that are unable to motivate visitors to avail their offerings and expand their horizon. Below are some of the reasons why websites fail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can help your website reach its goal. 1) Making your website look like your
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Buy Wide Format inks at the new STS Inks website!

Founded in 1999, STS Refill Technology is a US based ink manufacturer delivering premium quality inks compatible with most major brands of large format printers. STS With its solid history, STS has pioneered the field of Inkjet printing and Ink technology. As the world leader in the wide format, industrial and household inkjet inks market, STS Refill Technology is recognized for inventing most of the cutting edge technology that you see today in many ink refilling machines and has developed inkjet inks and refilling technologies for the past 15 years. The need was ecommerce software that was powerful as well
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Cloud based online time clock software

Time tracking is essential for most corporations so they can produce accurate reports on where their employees are investing their effort. This is even more so for a manufacturing company that needs to track time invested to ensure production of goods is consistent. For manufacturing units engaged in custom production and manufacturing of bespoke products time tracking is a core business process which tells them about efficiency and profitability. Pulse has built many systems that help companies track time invested in projects in the manufacturing and the services sector. The most effective time tracking system on a manufacturing floor is
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Manufacturing business automation suite that plugs into everything

Running a manufacturing business is a mammoth undertaking, from order processing, bill of materials, production planning, warehouse management to customer relationship management often there are multiple systems involved that often remain disconnected. Manual entries, emails, spreadsheets, coordination meetings and documents saved on the server disks can confuse employees and reduce productivity significantly. This confusion also leads to some or all of the following problems:- Lack of overall reporting process which means you as the owner do not get the right information at the right time. Double entries of the same information can cause expensive errors. Clients do not get their
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Tronitech expand its business and services in a growing imaging service market

Tronitech is a dynamic company with a unique sales model, helping retailers to establish their own imaging service business, from start-up to full service, on a partner basis. A side-by-side partnership is established with every reseller, where the reseller can get immediate access to all the services Tronitech offers that can help him get his own business off on a strong flying start. When the reseller succeeds, so does Tronitech; when they face challenges and troubles, so does Tronitech, the reseller is never alone. Entry expenses are kept at low levels and Tronitech follows a pay-as-you-go model for low monthly
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Kiosk application that enchants and informs

Abcom Rents is one of our long standing prestigious clients, Pulse has built several web systems, brochures and custom art work projects for the corporation. Abcom Rents stocks one of the largest and most diverse computer equipment rental stores in the greater Chicago area. Often Abcom rents computer equipment for trade shows and events where products and services are demonstrated, they felt a need for an application that could be used to demonstrate the products and services on a touch screen. Pulse Solutions has built up touch screen kiosk software for Abcom engineers to quickly and effortlessly create an interactive
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Custom Business Automation Software for VIA Seating makes pricing chairs a pleasure

VIA Seating, Inc a long-standing Pulse client launched the new online pricer today; this software makes pricing chairs quick and fun. Going through a pricing sheet can be challenging for anybody. The software VIA’s dedicated programming team created has redefined how VIA customers find chair prices. Gone are the days of multiple calls, confusions and time spent reading a long document. Click and choose options for models, arms, controls select a fabric buy optional components and voila your custom chair configuration is ready and waiting to be purchased, with a 48 hr shipping guaranteed you can get your custom fitted
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Pulse Deploys a Custom Online backup solution for VIA Seating, Inc.

VIA Seating, Inc a long standing Pulse client needed a solution to automatically zip and backup their data to an online web server for safe keeping ensuring their processes match high recoverability standards. Pulse built a custom windows service that backs up, zips, uploads the data files as well as manages space on the web server to ensure old backups are removed in due course of time. Pulse engineers specialize in building custom applications that automate specific business processes like these. Contact us for your web or desktop software development needs.

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