Air Cargo Communities “Auto Router” product goes live !

Air Cargo Communities launches Auto Router, an advanced point to point freight routing tool for the continental United States. This tool will cut the countless hours of routing investigation to a few seconds. The tool is powered by several databases that are frequently updated to get the most accurate results. Register today for a 15-day trial! Goes live ! is a localized ads magazine that creates to the large populace of the great city of Savannah. The system has been upgraded to the latest .Net components which not only improve security they provide the essential scalability that the portal needs to manage millions of ads annually.  

Air Cargo Inc., contracts Pulse for their new revolutionary product the “Auto Router”

Air Cargo Communities Inc., owns the Air Freight directory that has become an indispensable tool for the air freight community, in operation since 1941. The corporation has been constantly upgrading their systems to provide a better and more relevant service in a changing economy, The Auto Router is a major leap in this direction. contracts Pulse Solutions a premier free ads portal contracted Pulse to build them a new Web 2.0 web system that offers an attractive front-end and a powerful backend for their classifieds magazine.  

Facility Solutions contracts Pulse for a Project Management System running on iPhone

Pulse Solutions built a custom Project Management System for Facility Solutions in 2007. The success of the system has prompted them to think about offering the tracking functionality on smart phones. Pulse is building a iPhone and Windows Mobile compatible version of their Project Management System that is expected to hit the market within the next month. – dating, blogging, groups and more is currently the only professionally designed dating / community website that’s COMPLETELY FREE to use. Mr. Roy Newsome, a long standing client awarded the contract to Pulse Solutions to redesign his dating website that already had 15000 members. With upto 500 unique visitors each day this was a success story waiting to happen. We designed the system from ground up to include the most popular features from Facebook and MySpace. The look is unique and the system unmatched in the experience it provides. The user base has increased by over 15% in the first month itself. Get yourself registered
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Facility Solutions: Web application without limits

Facility Solutions needed a software for project management that was completely different from conventional off the shelf project management suites. The reason being they manage a diverse range of projects for clients as big as McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Managing 1000s of contractors and locations, both column / row level security was way beyond anything that was available in the market. Pulse Solutions took up the challenge and this became the most complex security architecture we had ever built. The project was completed and deployed today with an excellent response from company employees and contractors alike. We take pride in
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Faxes are the name of the game when it comes down to certificates moving from agents to freight brokers. This is not only cumbersome but a very expensive process due to the wait time required and the man hours spent. has automated the complete process. Insurance agents manage their book of business online, freight brokers search and download certs in real time. This has made a 3 hr process as fast as 3 minutes. Users have given the project a fantastic welcome with the amount of interest generated surpassing all prior estimates. The portal is well on its way
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American Awakenings, a new way to convert !

American Awakenings is the brain child of Mitch Paulson. The vision was to make it easier for church administrators to manage the huge amount of data they collect and disperse. Pulse engineers and designers turned this vision into reality using PHP and MySQL.

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