Pulse Combines Technology with Medical Knowledge to Create a Unique Library for Video MD

Since its inception in 2008, Video MD used the innovative concept of creating free healthcare videos by doctors and physicians from various institutes and clinics, for the purpose of educating patients, and those connected to them, with detailed information on general health matters to complex procedures. Video MD upholds its reputation for excellence through careful review of all the medical content submitted, and a thorough screening process to confirm the credentials and identity of all healthcare providers. Since many of the contributors are the doctors known by the patients themselves, there is a high level of trust for the information
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Make Worthy Investments with My Portfolio Wizard

An innovative website named My Portfolio Wizard along with its founder, Bruce Lange, has seen the growing need for a revolutionary financial advisory service due to the rapidly changing world of investment. This website has recognized the need to move from a paternalistic approach to a more self-directed approach when it comes to the field of banking, investing, and treasury. My Portfolio Wizard is a website whose creation is dedicated to empowering individuals with the information on financial advice that is needed to meet the needs of today’s world. www.myportfoliowizard.com provides customized investment advice for an affordable fee, that is
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The Urostomy Association – Building Support and Awareness for Individuals with A Urinary Diversion

A national charity trust named the Urostomy Association is dedicated to supporting the interests of individuals with a urinary diversion. The trust, founded in the UK, offers world wide support, encouragement, and practical information to individuals who’ve undergone surgery and have a urostomy as well as to those who may need to undergo a surgery for the same. The Urostomy Association has been able to promote awareness, gain support, and reach out to a wider audience through their website: www.urostomyassociation.org.uk. The organization is built of individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who have a
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Complete Justice for Personal injuries at Claim Justice!

Claim Justice offers expert legal assistance to injured accident victims in the form of compensation claims handling. They have proficient and dedicated staff to handle all kinds of personal injury claims related to road traffic accident, slip, trip or fall, accident at work, medical negligence and kids’ injuries. They believe in the policy of no win no fee. They guarantee maximum compensation in quick time. Claim Justice contracted Pulse Solutions to build a website to promote their personal injury compensation claims services. The website was built on .Net technology. It is simple and user-friendly. You can either call them for
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Relax With Cool Head Pillows!

Neck aches, sore shoulders, and sharp head pains on summery vacation days are a thing of the past now that Cool Head Industries are out with their new Cool Head Pillows! Cool Head Pillows are uniquely shaped to give your neck, shoulders, and head absolute relief and comfort while you soak up the sun on a summer day. Each pillow is specially designed and field-tested for durability and comfort. Beach and cool head pillows are constructed with specialised materials, that have been independently lab tested and certified as safe for human use, and provide a maximum level of refreshing coolness
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An Exclusive Club for Coffee Lovers

The Task Ascaso are Italian manufacturers of exclusive, handmade coffee machines. Their UK distributor, EPE International, required a website where owners could register their machine’s warranty, purchase accessories and spares and make service requests. The site needed to reflect the premier quality of the iconic Ascaso Dream espresso machine and also be straightforward to use and to administer. The Solution www.clubascaso.com was developed using the open source DotNetNuke platform. It incorporates the award winning Pulse DNN shopping cart for the sale of coffee, coffee making accessories and spare parts. The site benefits from a full content management system accessed via
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Gear up for Action at Martialartsmerchandise.com

Martial Arts Merchandise is a family owned and operated supplier of martial arts equipment including uniforms, belts, sparring gear, sport bags, weapons, swords and punching bags. They also offer bold look uniforms, AWMA and Macho equipment. They strive to meet all your martial arts shopping needs. Martial Arts Merchandise engaged Pulse Solutions to build a user-friendly ecommerce website that could ensure a hassle-free shopping experience by taking care of their customer order processing needs. The Pulse DNN cart was the logical choice given the scalability and features they needed. Pulse used the DNN cart technology to ensure a speedy, user-friendly
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Beautify your home with Rubbish Interiors!

Rubbish Interiors, Inc. owned by Scott Mangan is a Los Angeles based interior design firm and showroom specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects of both contemporary and traditional styles. Scott Mangan Rubbish Interiors signature style has been heavily featured in the press. Classic, practical, and timeless are the hallmarks of a Rubbish Interiors design. They hired Pulse for developing a website that can showcase their beautiful works of interiors, capable of enticing new customers. The website needed to be attractive and represent their signature style. Pulse built the website on the .PHP and wordpress platforms. The website has an
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Unique cowboy experience at Arizona-horses.com

Ponderosa Stables gives tourists and holidayers an opportunity to enjoy the rocky terrains of South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona, riding on a horse. Planning an exotic vacation in the southwest desert is now made easy. A leisurely trip in the South Mountain Park trotting on your favourite horse is every tourist’s dream. Don’t just enjoy the ride but also enjoy the delicious food with the special Breakfast and Steak Dinner Ride. Whether you are new to horse riding or a seasoned equestrian, this vacation destination is just for you. Watch the soft golden light of dawn landing on you
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Journeys in London made easy with Pearl Kite services!

Pearl Kite is a London-based chauffeur and minicab company that is renowned for its excellence in providing cars and chauffeurs for your varied needs. They have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Whether you are looking for an airport or a hotel transfer, a tour of London or a car for a corporate road show, they tailor their service precisely to meet your requirements. Pearl Kite is bent on treating you with the most luxurious cars and the finest of chauffeurs. Pearl Kite hired Pulse Solutions to build a website that could truly represent their services. The website
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