Keystone Capital Markets – Customized website for a leading investment bank

About Client Keystone Capital Markets is a leading investment bank that provides financial advisory and M&A advisory services to middle market businesses. It also provides banking services to domestic and international middle markets seeking liquidity to raise growth capital. Need Keystone Capital Markets is a leader in investment banking, but it did not have an online presence. Not having a personalized website resulted in losing a crucial spot in one of the biggest marketplaces today – the Internet. With competitors already taking advantage of the digital space, what they needed was a way to better connect with their clients and
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SEO Keywords: How to select top keywords for better results

A search engine optimization service is one of the most critical and high return activities that can help make or break your website. With keyword research, you not only learn more about your targeted customers, but also which terms and phrases you should use to attract them. It’s not always about getting a bigger audience for your site, it’s also about getting the right kind of visitors, and search engine optimization service lets you do just that. The importance of these services cannot be emphasized enough. With search engine optimization service, you can respond promptly to changing market conditions, predict
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The Harborlight Legal Funding: Designing a robust website

About Client: Harborlight Legal Funding helps individuals injured in accident obtain cash advance against their pending lawsuits. It provides financial assistance given in exchange for a portion of the anticipated settlement that can be used for living expenses, replacement of the vehicle, medical expenses, surgical funding, paying bills, or other needs. Need: Harborlight Legal Funding did not have a web presence, and with the rising number of clients, they needed to take strategic advantage of having a robust website and gain traction in the legal funding market. The client also needed a platform to give an option for clients to
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Downtown Donuts: Development of a robust website for broader audience reach

About Client: Downtown Donuts is a popular donut shop located in the historic Spring Arcade building in Los Angeles, CA. With the motto of serving fresh, generous sized donuts to the people of LA, Downtown Donuts strives to provide the best quality food with the most impeccable customer service. Need: Downtown Donuts recently opened their downtown shop and needed to take strategic advantage of the benefits of having a personalized website in the biggest marketplace today – the Internet. The client also wanted a platform to attract new customers, boost online sales, and provide new ideas to drive traffic. Solution:
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Building SaaS-based software is easier than ever before

As businesses are increasingly exploring alternatives to buying, maintaining, and configuring hardware and software on-premises, a Software as a Service (SaaS) model works perfectly for a business that is looking for a system which gives users the flexibility they need. More and more SaaS businesses are taking off the ground because of the many benefits it offers to organizations of all types and sizes. It is believed that in 2018, more than 60% of software distributions for all sectors will be in a SaaS model, and cloud services will continue their global growth at a rate of 16.6% per year.
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Microsoft Access Conversion

Microsoft Access has been a very popular platform for building database driven applications for small businesses, within departments of large corporations, and by hobby programmers to create ad hoc customized desktop systems for handling the creation and manipulation of data. But Microsoft Access does not scale well. If data is accessed via a network, and/or used by more than a handful of people, latency and errors are common as it must rely on a Client-Server solution. Access is simply not designed to take up enterprise wide functionality nor is it capable of managing huge amounts of data that most companies
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HTML Files or CHM files conversion to responsive HTML

Html files or CHF files were the mainstay of support in the 90s and the 2000s, these are slowly becoming a problem as consumers demand access to the content on their smart devices and via a Google search too. Client server based windows software is very popular and it’s not going away any time soon, however the way it’s being used and supported has come a long way. Companies often employ videos, online help catalogs and responsive web pages to help users and ensure the rich content within the help files is indexed on Google search. Pulse engineers are familiar
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Plus Technologies: Enhanced user experience through revamped website

About Client: Plus Technologies is a global provider of innovative solutions for output management, printer fleet management, managed print services, and document routing challenges. Located in Ohio, the company provides robust, scalable, and cost-effective printing solutions to enterprises of all sizes in over 30 countries. Need The client’s website was popular among the target segment, but the slightly outdated features and design of the existing website were constraining interactive user engagement and future growth. The need to redesign and revamp the website for optimised user experience was imperative. Solution After studying the client’s business and its contingencies, we conducted a
Read more, No sting junk removal in 3 easy steps!

Bumble Bee Junk is a Los Angeles a junk removal service to help the community fight environmental issues due to a large population that obtains junk and unwanted items over time. The disposal and dumping stations are not convenient and we wanted to fill that void. Rather we wanted to take your junk and leave you with a clean void. After much local success in the North San Fernando area, we expanded to include all of the Southern California San Fernando valley. The junk removal industry has tough competition and we have started with a small pick-up truck, to a
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Punkstuff : A User-Friendly Online Portal

About Client: Punkstuff is a popular platform for quality rock culture clothing, punk accessories, and punk magazines. Additionally, Punkstuff gives professional artists, individuals, and major brands the opportunity of selling products globally. With more than 15 years of experience in punk clothing, the company strives to expand their product line, giving the best customer service to their worldwide patrons. Need: With the rising numbers of patrons, Punkstuff needed to take strategic advantage of the benefits of an e-commerce portal and reach a global audience to increase sales opportunities. There was also a need to streamline the website’s backend processes and
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