Salons Get a Makeover with Phone Apps 4 Salons

Phone Apps 4 Salons has created a mobile app building service where salons can now create their own mobile apps. Instead of paying a fortune to build an app, salon owners can now use Phone Apps 4 Salons to design their own salon app features, or do the groundwork and have the company complete it for them. Phone Apps 4 Salons provides an easy way for salon owners to sign up for free, choose their own app features, add their own content, create their own design, sneak peak a preview, and finally publish the app on Itunes. provides salon
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Piranha Fitness Studio: Fitness on demand!

Fitness just got that much more fun with the Piranha Fitness Studio in Texas! This fitness centre has an entire buffet of training options like Zumba, Zumba Toning, Piloxing, Yoga, Power Training, Zumba Atomic, and even Jr. Power Training. As opposed to all the stress and strain that usually surrounds the idea of fitness training, at Piranha Fitness it’s all about fun, family, and having a sweaty awesome time! Fitness gets elevated to a whole other level at this gym! Piranha Fitness Studio boasts of some of the best fitness instructors who are pros at giving not only the best
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