Pulse Combines Technology with Medical Knowledge to Create a Unique Library for Video MD

Since its inception in 2008, Video MD used the innovative concept of creating free healthcare videos by doctors and physicians from various institutes and clinics, for the purpose of educating patients, and those connected to them, with detailed information on general health matters to complex procedures. Video MD upholds its reputation for excellence through careful review of all the medical content submitted, and a thorough screening process to confirm the credentials and identity of all healthcare providers. Since many of the contributors are the doctors known by the patients themselves, there is a high level of trust for the information
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Make Worthy Investments with My Portfolio Wizard

An innovative website named My Portfolio Wizard along with its founder, Bruce Lange, has seen the growing need for a revolutionary financial advisory service due to the rapidly changing world of investment. This website has recognized the need to move from a paternalistic approach to a more self-directed approach when it comes to the field of banking, investing, and treasury. My Portfolio Wizard is a website whose creation is dedicated to empowering individuals with the information on financial advice that is needed to meet the needs of today’s world. www.myportfoliowizard.com provides customized investment advice for an affordable fee, that is
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The Urostomy Association – Building Support and Awareness for Individuals with A Urinary Diversion

A national charity trust named the Urostomy Association is dedicated to supporting the interests of individuals with a urinary diversion. The trust, founded in the UK, offers world wide support, encouragement, and practical information to individuals who’ve undergone surgery and have a urostomy as well as to those who may need to undergo a surgery for the same. The Urostomy Association has been able to promote awareness, gain support, and reach out to a wider audience through their website: www.urostomyassociation.org.uk. The organization is built of individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who have a
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