– Exclusive store for promotional products is arguably the most functional promotional products website in the United States. This website is the online avatar of the Promolistic Inc Corporation that has been in the business of promotional products since 2000. The system can manage over 10,000 lines of products each with a preview tool for customers to see how their custom promotional products would appear. Several types of search and navigation enhancements make this of the most powerful systems built on the Pulse DNN Cart. No effort has been spared to make this website as user friendly as possible with special emphasis on bulk buyers.
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Pulse builds the Alumni website for the prestigious Old Elizabethans School

Old Elizabethans contracted Pulse to take their existing alumni web presence to a whole new level. The association needed a drastic improvement in terms of site security, accessibility, confirmation to latest web standards and full integration with social networks to make the website relevant to the new age audience. The Old Elizabethans Alumni Association is one of the most prestigious in the United Kingdom. It is a privilege to be working with them and the Pulse design team had a task of merging the historical branding with modern social networking techniques. It was critical to achieve a balance for acceptance
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Pulse builds an online presence for ASCASO coffee lovers

Ascaso has been manufacturing coffee machines since 1962, when the family business was first begun in Spain, and has now expanded to over 50 countries worldwide, to become known as a leader in designer espresso machines today. The Ascaso brand resonates with exceptional values of quality and strength, coupled with the beauty and brilliance of the Spanish artisans. The durability of Ascaso machines are well known among Barista’s, Espresso enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs, with new designs and complementary equipment adding to Ascaso’s range of products in recent years. Ascaso coffee machines produce quality coffee and additional coffee grinders, espresso cups and
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