Pulse Solution launches Apparels & Accessories website

www.nightmareshirts.com is a website that offers high quality screen printing of hard to find or unusual designs. They have been around for 10 years and have a wide variety of designs and use very high quality inks and fabric. Pulse redesigned this website which enabled the client to keep its business running smoothly and to branch out and get business in other niche's and mediums. Pulse also helped Nightmareshirts.com to streamline their business and get a better exposure. Pulse developers built http://nightmareshirts.com using .Net 3.5 framework and SQL server 2008 to make it amongst the most successful website of the
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Pulse Solutions launches EC & M’s website

EC&M Electrical pty ltd was established in 1984 to sell ultraflex conduit systems from an Italian Manufacturer. The company is owned and run by an Australian family, with the profits staying in Australia. The last 25 years has seen the product range grow considerably in its scope. From the simple ultraflex conduit the group of products now includes rhino non metallic liquidtight, steel liquidtight, halogen free conduits, PVC free conduits, PVC cable trays, halogen free slotted ducts, cable cover and energy chain. Many of their products are still being produced by the same manufacturers they have been associated with for
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Lang Vei, the first armored tank battle in the Vietnam war comes alive

Pulse Solutions documents a pivotal event in history at www.langvei.com. This site narrates a first hand story of soldiers who fought the battle of Lang Vei, a battle of the Vietnam War fought on the night of 6 February 1968, between elements of the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the United States-led Detachment A-101, 5th Special Forces Group. Two dozen US Army Green Berets and several hundred Vietnamese repulsed an attack by superior North Vietnamese units operating with heavy armored support. Under the control of the 5th Special Forces Group, the Lang Vei Camp had been conceived as a
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