iPhone web application development

iPhones have become synonymous with mobile phone class, comfort and fun. Over 21 million units have been sold making this the most sought after mobile electronic gadget ever. iPhone users often claim that their phones now do most of the work their computers used to do, email, web browsing, online commerce, GPS navigation, games. You name it and it’s there in the iPhone! As most users move towards mobile devices like iPhones, web sites need to move as well. From the beginning of 2008 all websites built by Pulse Solutions were tested for operational compatibility on an iPhone. We now
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Aircargocommunities.com launches a new Web 2.0 web presence

Air Cargo Inc., is one of our most prestigious clients since 2005. Their Air Freight Directory is the most used tool by Freight Forwarders and Airlines in North America with over 2700 current subscribers. ACI believes in constant innovation and this has kept them ahead of the curve even during the most trying periods for the air freight industry. Pulse has been a constant development partner through the years and we have built several cutting edge AJAX driven systems that redefines how the industry finds the best route. ACI entrusted Pulse with the task of designing their new website with
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Suestrax.com delivers workout music online!

Sue Molnar has been a fitness instructor for over 20 years. She taught step-aerobics for five years in Atlanta, Georgia, and spinning classes for ten years at Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, California. Sue contacted Pulse with apprehension as her website needs was so unique and her taste needed to be translated creatively to ensure the website matches her persona. Pulse designers took this up as a challenge and delivered a website that delighted the client and it’s fun and easy to use as well. Sue is currently a master instructor at one of the country’s hottest cycling studios, SoulCycle, New
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Pulse delivers cutting edge web design for Securadigm.com

Securadigm.com was designed by Pulse Solutions in 2006, they chose Pulse to redesign the website using Web 2.0 standards. Pulse engineers gave the website that cutting edge feel that a security agency needs. Securadigm was founded by industry professionals with a vision of delivering effectively managed security services and solutions to organizations of all sizes. Securadigm has been providing services and solutions to credit unions, healthcare and internet service provider markets. Securadigm provides turn key independent and managed solutions, focusing on information technology and security, including compliance with NCUA ISTEP, GLBA, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oaxley. Securadigm has partnered with various companies
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