Custom project management system goes online

Pulse Solutions builds yet another custom project management system to streamline a very specific business need. The software has been constructed using PHP 5 and MySQL 5, completely open source and easy to manage. Extensive usage of AJAX and DHTML makes the interface is as fast as a desktop application, users love the creative and intuitive design. Security is paramount when there are multiple agencies and levels involved. The trakFlex project management system allows for security on all of the following levels: Role User Company Column Row Feature IP address restriction No off the shelf product can claim to even
Read more goes live. Custom ecommerce at its best! is the website for the prestigious International Children’s Publishing Exhibit. Due to China’s rapid growth in the global economy, the Beijing International Book Fair has been called one of the four most important publishing events in the world. For companies trying to break into the country’s burgeoning children’s and educational book markets, the International Children’s Publishing Exhibit (ICPE) at Beijing offers an ideal exhibit opportunity. The 2009 ICPE, situated directly across from the Country of Honor Display, is a low-cost, high-value way to market and promote your children’s trade books, school library books, and other educational products and materials
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